woensdag 30 juni 2010

Preparing for Poland.

After a busy year, we're at the end of June again.
About a month ago, we heard the news that we made the Imagine Cup finals once more!

After last years finals, we were a bit discouraged because none of our belgian teams made the top 3 and with our education that needed our attention, the project stood on hold.

Once we had gotten through round 1 of Imagine Cup 2010 though, we got excited again.
Still, our internships and education came first, but once that work was over, Shift received our full attention. And it will be necessary too! This year, the competition will be tough.

With Imagine Cup 2010 in Poland being just a few days away, we can't wait to meet the other 5 finalist teams.

Some important dates:
- Sunday, 4 July: Formal Presentations
- Monday, 5 July: Informal Presentations
- Thursday, 8 July: Showcase / World Festival / Farewell Party

Check back later this week once we've done our first presentation. You can subscribe to our RSS feed too.